Detail of The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society ticket, 1890; designed by Walter Crane; Image source

The name of this blog is a play on the “Arts and Crafts movement,” a decorative and fine arts movement that began during the second half of the nineteenth century and lasted until almost 1920. Originating in Britain and later spreading to America, its aesthetic sought to reject mechanization, which had become prevalent in the age of the Industrial Revolution, and was characterized by more naturalistic motifs executed in traditional medieval, romantic, and/or folk styles of decoration. While there is little that I am striving to derive specifically from the Arts and Crafts movement in my own work at this time, I seek to exemplify its emphasis on returning to fine craftspersonship as opposed to mass production.

As one may guess from the name of the blog, I like art. And geeky stuff. And I like to create things that reflect these interests. I studied fine art in college, have an MA in Art History, and my day job revolves around art, though I must confess that in recent years, I’ve developed more of a personal interest in handicrafts because of their generally more utilitarian nature. My primary craft is crochet, but I have also been known to work with Sculpey and jewelry.

I want to write about the things that I create because each piece references a specific history or story. I also simply like to write. This is my second foray into blogging. I used my first blog largely to help myself study for my MA comps, but for a variety of reasons, including lack of time, grad school burnout, and privacy issues, I had to stop. But now I am back with a new name, a new blog, and a new mission: create well-made objects that reference art, history, or geek culture, and write informative content to accompany these objects.

– SP


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